Visitors can choose songs from a media library in the studio and create a playlist. The dynamically playlist will be played on the booth during the exhibition. In the area KLANGRAUM as well as in the LOUNGE headphones and tablets are available on which the growing and changing playlist is synchronized.

The visitor becomes part of the action and the staging of the sound space experience. After the fair, the list is evaluated and a „Best of HOYA @ OPTI“ will be created. This can be sent to the registered visitors.

UX / UI Design based on created Trade Fair Brand Concept


Landing Page with direct options to edit Private Playlists, send your Favorites to Live DJ. Select Genre and choose Playlists.

UX / UI Design, Graphic Design Key Visuals and Brand Graphics

Let‘s PLAY

Search, Add, Remove, Share, move your songs to different Folders, and yes PLAY IT.