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+ CONTENT CREATION, Print & Online

About KLEBER: The German lifestyle trendlabel for fashion-conscious individualists with attitude and style, is designing and selling creative cases, sleeves and pouches for MacBooks, and iPads online and offline. The sleeves are individual, colorful, patterned, funky and fresh. There are MacBook Sleeves with allover Prints, iPad pouches with Animalprints, Union Jack or in memory of Pop icons like Amy Winehouse, Sid Vicious, Jimi Hendrix or the Beatles.

The eco-friendly sleeves and pouches are tailormade of high-quality materials. Outside coated canvas, means that they are easy to clean with a dump cloth. Inside the sleeves are covered with 3-5mm wool felt lining, giving a great protection against scratches and dust.

Modern and minimalistic Logo. The mirrored „E“ forms a "3" and "reflects" the company mission: COLOR, LOVE, PATTERN.

KLEBER is the icon for colorful sleeves - the minimalistic and distinguished Logo stands in contrast to its fancy products